Robert E Tripati

Biogeosciences and Geobiology

Jill is currently establishing bioreactors for long term culturing of calcifying phytoplankton to look at adaptive evolutionary responses to high carbon dioxide conditions over multiple generations. Cultures will be characterized for basic parameters such as growth rate an calcification, including with collaborator Luc Beaufort), but we will also do broader scale genomic and functional genomic work with collaborators at IUEM (Vianney Pichereau) and the Roscoff Marine Laboratories (Ian Probert).

Dr Jill Sutton

Whitney is working on various projects involving geochemical tracers of biomineralization in marine calcifying organisms. Primarily with collaborator Justin Ries (Northeastern University) she is looking for broad-scale biological patterns of  trace element composition in diverse marine calcifying organisms cultured at variable carbonate chemistry. She is also using boron isotopes to investigate the calcifying fluid pH of diverse coral taxa and how it is buffered from seawater.

Dr Whitney Doss

Yi-Wei is working on various projects focussed on using boron isotopes as a tracer of calification pH in diverse marine calcifying organisms which show very different responses to elevated carbon dioxide. She has pioneered a highly sensitive N-TIMS technique for making the measurement on low abundance samples.

Dr Yi-Wei Liu

Clément Tanvet

Clément is a Masters 2 student working with us on biological controls of carbon and oxygen isotope compositions in carbonates

Morgan Smits

Morgan is a Masters 2 student working with us on the functional genomics of coccolithophores